Penghui Guo

Penghui Guo is currently a visiting researcher of the Department of Economics, UCI, and he is an Associate Professor of Statistics serving in the Department of Statistics, School of Economics, Xiamen University, China. Guo is interested in the estimation of spatial econometric models and the application of spatial econometric models to economic issues related to the convergence and divergence among regional economy and financial development, and the spillover effects of public policy.

He also works on introducing dynamic and nonparametric econometric methods in spatial models, and on the use of designed models to the analysis of economic data. His current researching interest focuses on Big Data, emphasizing how to use the econometric and statistical tools to effectively analyze massive datasets, especially in estimating spatial models based on high-dimensional data.

Guo received both his Master degree in Economics (major in Econometrics) and Ph.D. in Economics (Major in Statistics) from Xiamen University, China.